Arts Council England updates on Brexit

ACE has commissioned two surveys of culture sector organisations as well as a study of EU funding for culture in England.

ACE has used this evidence to support its work with government to help ensure we get the best deal for culture.

Its surveys suggest the most important areas of focus are:

  • Ensuring the continuation of the £40m a year the sector receives each year in EU funding
  • Changes to ease of movement affecting international touring and booking international artists to perform in the UK
  • An increase in costs and barriers for moving objects and instruments in international tours or museum lending due to changes in customs agreements
  • The continuation of legal frameworks important to the creative sector, such as copyright, Artists Resale Right, employment and taxation legislation.

It has also pubished no deal guidance for cultural organisations, which draws attention to Government assurances that successful bids made before 2020 for funding through EU programmes will be guaranteed over the project’s lifetime – provided such funding is registered with the Government. It provides advice on specific funding streams – including European Regional Development Funds and Creative Europe – and suggests funding recipients mitigate against financial shocks by modelling the impact of changes to visitor numbers, donations or corporate hire. The guide also recommends that organisations:

Inform any EU nationals they employ about the need to register on the Government’s settlement scheme

Evaluate the impact of goods or items being delayed at borders, and think about ways to minimise reliance on such routes

Consider implementing alternative methods of transferring personal data from the EU to the UK to avoid delays as a new data flow agreement is determined

Consider legal advice on how the potential exhaustion of intellectual property rights could affect operations – particularly on the potential need to secure the rights holder’s consent to export intellectual property to the EU.

ACE also signposts Government advice on broadcasting and on-demand services, and potential changes to tax relief in the event of no deal.

Read the No Deal guidance here: