Call for participants to develop course for utilising music in dementia care

The Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research at Anglia Ruskin University is asking for participants for a study aimed at developing an intensive training course for qualified music therapists, musicians and other healthcare professionals who wish to pursue an advanced level of knowledge and skills of utilising music in dementia care.

To help develop the course a series of focus groups will be conducted in May 2021 to identify core components and elements to be incorporated in the training.

The Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research is looking for those with personal or professional knowledge and experience of dementia care and using music. These can include:

  • music therapists
  • other health/social care professionals (such as OT, PT, SLT, nursing, psychologist)
  • musicians
  • formal/informal caregivers
  • people living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment

Participation will involve a 60 to 90 minute Zoom focus group where you will discuss questions and themes related to use of music in dementia care, and what you would want to see in a training course.

The study has ethical approval from the Faculty Research Ethics Panel at Anglia Ruskin University and is funded by ARU QR Funding 2020-2021.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, email Nina Wollersberger. You will then receive a participant information sheet and consent form.