Culture Select Committee calls for more funding outside London

In response to substantial cuts in regional local authority arts funding, the Culture Select Committee has called on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Arts Council England, and national arts organisations to ensure better distribution of arts funding outside London.

ACE's funding from the DCMS is made up of Grant-in-aid and Lottery monies. The select committee has expressed its concern that over 42% of grant-in-aid monies continues to be distributed in the greater London area.

ACE review

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced a “tailored review” of Arts Council England and is asking for feedback on the organisation’s functions, efficiency and effectiveness.

The deadline for feedback is 20 September 2016.


New ministerial teams for health and culture

New teams are heading up the Departments of Health, and Culture, Media and Sport after the recent reshuffle.

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Budget promises tax relief for museums, galleries and orchestras

The chancellor has confirmed that the orchestra tax relief scheme will come into force this 1 April 2016, while relief for museums and galleries will be in place by 1 April 2017. The new budget also makes provision for several key capital schemes in Hull, Coventry and Cornwall, amongst others.

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Teachers' survey suggests arts, crafts and design falling behind in schools

Last summer’s NSEAD survey of 1,200 teachers and coordinators of arts, craft and design reveals a “significant erosion” in the past five years across four key indicators: curriculum provision, value attached to the subjects, professional development opportunities and wellbeing of art and design teachers.

Opportunities to study art and design are being hit hardest in the state sector, and amongst higher ability students, who are being specifically steered away from arts subjects.

Get involved in Culture White paper

The Department for Culture is currently inviting suggestions and submissions as it develops a new policy approach to culture. The consultation offers an opportunity to advocate for the value of the arts in improving health and wellbeing.

Organisations and individuals can register to make suggestions and can also Tweet ideas using the hashtag #OurCulture.


Culture and happiness

A new report has explored the connection between cultural participation and wellbeing. Based on the DCMS Taking Part research, the report shows a link between frequent dancing, drama and crafts activity and greater happiness.

DCMS reviewing its data collection

The Department for Culture is running a consultation on the future of its quarterly Taking Part survey which analyses the level of cultural engagement in the country.

The survey, which has been running for the past decade, is a longitudinal study used to assess the number of people engaging with arts and museums as participants and audiences. The consultation is exploring a change in the way the data is collected and analysed.


Plans for new Government arts strategy

The DCMS has announced plans for a new White Paper for the arts with a focus on the ways the Government can help utilise culture in developing “vibrant, healthy communities across the country”.

Other themes addressed in the White Paper will be: maximising access and engagement with culture; building financial resilience in cultural organisations and institutions through new funding models; and working with cultural institutions to promote Britain abroad.

To support the upcoming White Paper, the Government is launching a dedicated #OurCulture discussion platform.

DCMS facing further cuts

The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has been told to model Spending Review cuts worth 25% and 40% of their resource budgets by 2019–20 – the same level of reductions requested ahead of the 2010 Spending Review.

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